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Fri 29 Aug

Aug 29 QUESTION pic

Aug 29 FUNNY!!! pic

Aug 29 The news these days...

Aug 29 This just in...

Thu 28 Aug

Aug 28 Bossier (S'PORT)

Aug 28 WTF? In The News! (Crazy Guy News!)

Aug 28 Nope. Sorry, kiddo (Bossier)

Aug 28 Cats (Shreveport)

Aug 28 White folk are pretty dumb too (Crazy Guy)

Aug 28 Cops kill white boy (S'PORT)

Wed 27 Aug

Aug 27 Re: Cops kill white boy (Bossier)

Aug 27 I can smell a pig,a mile away ! pic

Aug 27 Cops kill white boy (bossier city)

Tue 26 Aug

Aug 26 Burger King going Canadian

Aug 26 re- Shreveport Regional Arts / Homosexual Counsel (SHREVEPORT) pic

Aug 26 Shreveport Regional Arts / Homosexual Counsel (SHREVEPORT) pic

Mon 25 Aug

Aug 25 People at Banks (everywhere)

Aug 25 S*** Downtown

Aug 25 Sign this petition

Sun 24 Aug

Aug 24 RE: Titty Tuesdays (Anywhere) pic

Aug 24 McD's/ISIL threat (Crazy Guy)

Aug 24 Beaten to Death at McDonalds (Bossier) pic

Aug 24 broad action considered against ISIL (Crazy Guy)

Aug 24 Cajun Court

Sat 23 Aug

Aug 23 ISIL makes Al-Qaida look like Liberals (Crazy Guy News)

Aug 23 Re: Glover

Aug 23 Local movie spotlights HIV in black community - m4m

Aug 23 DUI Checkpoints (with additions) (Crazy Guy)

Fri 22 Aug

Aug 22 DWI Entrapment (Shreveport) pic

Aug 22 1 out 4 blacks are criminals. Plain & simple (Crazy Guy)

Aug 22 A Ultimate Protest! (Crazy Guy)

Thu 21 Aug

Aug 21 I wonder if the libs in charge in DC will pay attention to this? (Probably not)

Aug 21 RE: Liar stuff (Crazy Guy)

Aug 21 At least we uncovered one thing and found another liar (Everywhere)

Aug 21 Truth and more (Crazy Guy News) pic

Aug 21 Ferguson and the Real Race War (USA)

Wed 20 Aug

Aug 20 a bunch of crap Bossier (Crazy Guy)

Aug 20 Conservatives Think They're Above The law ! pic

60 Aug 20 Shreveport Downtown Development Authority, reply to! 60 (Shreveport)

Aug 20 You're already in the "Racist" crap, Crazy Guy (Bossier)

Aug 20 Re: 12 witnesses bullshit (Bossier)

Aug 20 wrong answer Bossier (Crazy Guy)

Aug 20 Re: it would be nice (Bossier)

Aug 20 Wrong answer, Crazy Guy. (Bossier)

Aug 20 How very sad Bossier (Crazy Guy)

Aug 20 It would be nice (My 2ยข)

Tue 19 Aug

Aug 19 Nope. You just don't have it in you (Bossier)

Aug 19 NEWS: Police Bag&Tag another Criminal (Crazy Guy News)

Aug 19 Weak spin Bossier try harder (Crazy Guy)

Aug 19 On Murder (Bossier)

Aug 19 Shreveport Downtown Development Authority pic

Aug 19 RE: Race war (shreveport)

Aug 19 1% commit 27% of the murders (Crazy Guy News)

Mon 18 Aug

Aug 18 A little rusty der Bossier (Crazy Guy)

Aug 18 FYI on discussing "race war" (Bossier)

Aug 18 Now I know why our trash can't get pciked up. (Northwest Louisiana)

Aug 18 NEWS! Brown's Lawyer becomes Expert (Crazy Guy News)

Sun 17 Aug

Aug 17 Yet ANOTHER media scoop! (Crazy Guy News)

Aug 17 Ferguson riots pic

Aug 17 Eyewitness: "Dude kept coming towards police" (Crazy Guy News)

Sat 16 Aug

Aug 16 WE WANT BBQ! WE WANT BBQ! (Crazy Guy News)

Aug 16 You are a racist!!!!! (Shreveport)

Fri 15 Aug

Aug 15 RE:RE: Brown (Crazy Guy)

Aug 15 Re: Truth about Brown (Everywhere)

Aug 15 And the truth comes out about Brown (Crazy Guy) pic

Aug 15

Aug 15 Re: Rap sheet/Brown (Crazy Guy)

Aug 15 RE: Damn Railroads - 35 (Shreveport) (Northwest Louisiana)

Aug 15 Layoffs of Louisiana state employees (Louisiana)

Aug 15 Rap sheet is not THAT Michael Brown (Everywhere)

Thu 14 Aug

Aug 14 re-Re:re-Re:re-The magic is gone, libs!!! (Everywhere) (Everywhere) (Not Mr. Lord, just a fan)

Aug 14 4 reasons the GOP will lose in '16 pic

Aug 14 Re: "White People Die" in Shreve (Everywhere)

Aug 14 Re:re-Re:re-The magic is gone, libs!!! (Everywhere) (Everywhere)

Aug 14 "White People Die" ...on the wall in Shreve

51 Aug 14 Who'd of thought it.. 51 (somewhere)

59 Aug 14 RE: Are there any Hispanic people here who know English? 59 (SBC) pic

Aug 14 Real Reform (Here)

Aug 14 re-Re:re-The magic is gone, libs!!! (Everywhere) (Original Poster)

Wed 13 Aug

Aug 13 re:Hispanic people here who know English?

Aug 13 If you want reform (Everywhere)

Aug 13 Re:re-The magic is gone, libs!!! (Everywhere)

Tue 12 Aug

Aug 12 re-The magic is gone, libs!!! (Hate mail time)

Aug 12 re-Layoffs of Louisiana state employees

35 Aug 12 RE: Damn Railroads 35 (Shreveport)

Mon 11 Aug

Aug 11 Frozen Chicken Truck catches fire

Aug 11 The magic is gone, libs!!!

Aug 11 Pizza Hut and GMO? (ArkLaTex)

Aug 11 Power outage (BOS)

Aug 11 RE: Diversity (Crazy Guy)

Aug 11 Are there any Hispanic people here who know English?

Sun 10 Aug

Aug 10 Liberal Diversity person at work (shreveport) pic

Fri 08 Aug

Aug 8 They are all slimebags S'port (Crazy Guy)

Thu 07 Aug

Aug 7 Snake in the grass Landreu votes for gun control (shreveport)

Wed 06 Aug

Aug 6 The difficulties of Prostitution (Crazy Guy)

Aug 6 Democracts War on white people (shreveport)

Aug 6 Gandbangers kill for fun (shreveport) pic

Tue 05 Aug

Aug 5 re:re: schools in (Crazy Guy)

Aug 5 re-can tell school is about in again

Mon 04 Aug

Aug 4 RE: Co-Worker

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